How To Make A Margarita

World famous, and for good reason, the Margarita is refreshing and 'more-ish'.  It looks superb, and the salt rimmed glass is the icing on the cake!


Tequila (2 shots)
Triple Sec (1/2 shot)
Fresh Lime Juice (1 shot)
Ice Cubes

How to make it:

Prepare the Margarita glass by rubbing the rim with a slice of lime and laying it in salt.  Put the tequila, triple sec and lime juice into a cocktail mixer with the ice cubes and shake.  Strain and pour into the glass with added ice cubes and garnish with a lime slice.

To make a Frozen Margarita, add the tequila, triple sec and lime juice to a blender with the ice and blitz until slushy.  Then add to the glass and garnish as before.

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